Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stepping out of my comfort zone...

life begins at the end of your comfort zone
So very true!!
Do you ever feel like you want to do more, but don't know what to do or where to even start?  That's where I feel like I've been living in the last year or so.  I am very blessed to have all that I have and am passionate about what I do!  I love having my own business that allows me time freedom and flexibility while helping and educating others about skin care and nutrition.  It's a blast and so rewarding!!  So, for me,  it wasn't about wanting to change what I already do...it was more about expanding my plate and finding more ways to help as many people as I could.  I just didn't know what that meant for me and I was really struggling with it.  I know a lot of what drives me is in my personality...I'm a free spirit and can get antsy at times, always looking for something new and exciting!  There is good and bad in that I guess...and one thing is that my mind always seems to be on overload of crazy ideas (no comments please:).
love this quote
Yep...this is me:)

It was actually my husband who, a couple months ago while discussing this with me, brought up the idea about me using my Exercise Science background to help others since I love fitness and working out...brilliant!  He's so smart...that's why I married him...:-)  So we began to brainstorm and I got excited about the possibilities!!  I was so grateful when I met with the pastor of my church to talk about what I wanted to do and he was on board too!  The reality is that many people will not go to a gym, either because of intimidation or not wanting to pay a monthly fee, so by offering a program where people can pay just for the classes they want to attend at a greatly discounted cost, we can help people reach some of their physical fitness needs.  I love that!

So, as I posted previously, I got my Zumba certification last month and began preparations to start a fitness program at my church.  The week after I got my certification, I told my husband that I wasn't sure I could teach Zumba and that maybe I had made a mistake in thinking that I could.   I realized how out of my comfort zone it was and I kind of freaked out!!  I don't like to be up in front of people at all....EVER!!!  And dancing??  What was I thinking??  But then I went back to why I wanted to do it in the first place...to help others get off the couch and get moving...and have fun doing it.  When I went back to thinking of it that way, I began to enjoy coming up with a playlist and learning the moves...even if I didn't move as smooth as the people on the videos:)  Last week was the first week of classes and they went very well!!  It was so much fun watching everyone, of all ages and fitness levels,  laugh and smile as they tried to learn and follow all of the moves.  I'm excited to begin a boot camp sometime soon as well and am finding other people who are interested in teaching other classes as well!

I'm glad I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do something I didn't think I could.  I don't want to look back 10 years from now and wish I would have done more to impact the world around me or do something I was too scared to try.  I've realized that nothing in life is going to just come to me while I sit back and dream about it...I have to get out in this big, scary world and do something...even if it pushes me beyond myself.  I've learned that I can't be all that God intended for me to be if I stay inside of my comfortable little box (or circle:).  I believe that God wants all of us to try and make a difference in the world around us....no matter how insignificant or small we feel we are.

Step out of your comfort zone and see what happens:)

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