Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Airport people...what's their story?

As I'm sitting in the Denver airport on a 3 hour layover, I'm enjoying watching people as they rush to their next flight. Honestly, I don't like layovers or waiting at all. I'd prefer to just catch a one way flight to my final destination or if I can't do that, then I at least want a short less than an hour! So since I couldn't do that this time, I've got plenty of time to sit and watch everyone and everything around me...and it's very interesting! As I'm watching people, I wonder what their story is. Some will look at me and smile as they walk by and some will just rush past me in their own little world. Some look happy and some seem not so happy. Some look businesslike and, obviously, travel all the time (I could never pack light enough to do that I don't think). Some are families with small children that may be heading to visit grandparents, go on vacation, or some other adventure. I have to say, watching parents chase after kiddos reminds me of how nice it is to be past that stage:). Most people are either talking on cell phones, on their computers or IPads (like me:). I've seen people of all sizes and shapes, different ethnicities, clothing and hairstyles. As someone who who spends most of my time rushing from one thing to the next, oblivious to whats going on around me, I'm very intrigued with sitting back and taking it all in. I see the single dad with his little boy...Whats his story? I see the little old lady being pushed in the wheelchair...what's her story? I see the couple walking holding hands...what's their story? I see the stewardess heading to her next flight... What's her story? I order lunch from a grouchy lady behind the counter... What's her story? I see the businessman furiously working away on his laptop... What's his story? It goes on and on and on...person after person after person. I'm realizing as I'm sitting here how little time I actually take in my day to day life to just take in the world around me. I get so wrapped up in my own world many times that I don't take the time I should to invest in those I come in contact with on a daily basis. I'm not talking about just sitting down and having coffee with a friend, but offering a kind word or smile to those whom I may never see again. Everyone has a story... Some are stories of hope, but many are not. I know there's a lot of hurt and anxiety in this world and I don't know anyone who couldn't benefit from coming in contact with someone who's just nice and uplifting and willing to take the time to look them in the eyes and show them human kindness...I'm going to work on that in mynown life. I'm thankful for this time I've had to sit and take it all in...and to share a smile with some people with whom I'll never know their story...Layovers may not so bad after all:)

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