Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our new normal...

Well we just returned home from dropping Cody off at college and Zach is starting his junior year of high school today.  It's been a crazy busy summer for sure, but life is settling down now as we get back into our "new normal" routine.  I say that because we now only have 3 of us living in our home.  With Cody 15 hours away at college, we are trying to settle in and it is definitely different.  

To be honest, I did much better than I thought I would dropping Cody off at SNU.  I did have my moments of tears, but I really left him feeling confident that he's in the right place and will be well taken care of.  Of course, it does help that my family lives there and can look after him:)  I have to say that with only making one lunch this morning and sending only one child off to school, reality is setting in to our "new normal"...and it's somewhat hard for me.  

I've thought a lot lately about the past almost 19 years of being a mom.  I've invested almost half my life in raising our kids and so letting go is hard.  Scott and I have often talked about how we wanted to raise our boys to be independent and go out into the world and make a difference.  We taught them early on the basics....such as how to do their own laundry, clean their rooms, mow the grass, cook (a little:)....and that work/job=money:)  Perhaps the most important thing we've tried to do though is instill values in our boys....honesty, integrity, forgiveness, etc.  I know that we've not done everything right as parents, but I hope and pray that, in spite of our imperfections, they will take what we've taught them and use them to be all that God wants them to be.  Now, with Cody out of our home and in college, we get to watch, support and give advice, but have to allow him to choose what direction he will take.  Of course, we've reminded him that it's not totally hands off considering we're still paying insurance, school, etc:).

Some of my many prayers for Cody as he starts this new journey in life....that he loves God and puts Him first in his life always....that he love others with the love of Christ....that he forgives freely....that he is respectful and kind....that he finds friends that bring out only the best in him....that he invests his time in helping others....that he is a strong leader, yet knows how to follow the right people....that he gets involved in a church....that he only dates girls that he would be proud to bring home to meet his family (and if they like to shop, that would be a bonus:)....that he makes wise decisions....that he eats, somewhat, healthy....that he gets rest and exercise.....that he does well in his classes....and that he has the time of his life in the coming years!!!  I want him to always know that, no matter what, his mom and dad love him unconditionally and are here to give advice and support whenever he needs it. 

Well I guess I'll go wash Cody's sheets now and get his bed ready for when he comes for a visit in a few months:)  Until then, I'm thankful for cell phones and facetime!!!  Have a great week!!