Friday, April 20, 2012

Let the party preparations begin...change is in store!

Cody's cap and gown

Graduation announcements

Well we're just 6 weeks away from Cody's graduation and reality is setting in like it or not.  Cap and gown is in...we ordered and received the announcements in the mail...hotel arrangements have been made for family coming to town...and I'm now starting to plan his party.  Let me just say, I love to plan parties, but this one is different.  I have not been ready for this day to come so I've not been as anxious to plan it.   It is a huge milestone in Cody's life and I know he's ready and excited to graduate and go to college, but for me I see it also as the end of a season in our life....and that's hard for me.  I don't like letting go and that's what I'm having to do in a way.   I will plan a great party though and it will be a fun weekend of celebration...afterall, it's about Cody and not me right??:)

So in preparation for the big weekend, we are busy getting the house ready for our friends and family...  touch up painting will be done...carpets will be getting will be purchased and planted around the house...all for this once in a lifetime event for our son.  I mean he only graduates from high school once!!  It's crazy what we do to get ready for these big events!!  I'm excited that my house will be, after four years of living in it, almost just as I would want it:)  Of course, I'd like to get some new furniture too, but Scott is making me draw the line somewhere...he's no fun:)

As we prepare for this exciting time, I can't help but think about the next several years and what they hold.  We will be going through a lot of change and, although I'm sad in many ways, I'm anticipating God to do great things.  Zach will graduate from high school in 2014 and as well, around that same time, Scott will be finishing up his doctorate.  As much as I'm ready for Scott to be finished, I'm not ready for Zach to graduate and to be an empty I really don't want to wish the years away.

In my life, there has always been change...and with each change, I've been able to look back and see God's hand at work.  I lived in one town practically my whole growing up years.  Since marrying Scott almost 21 years ago,  we've moved 6 times all over the US!!   I've had to learn to adjust to each change and I know with this next chapter in our lives, I'll adjust as well.  I know that eventually we'll move again (I'm hoping to the place we'll retire:), and when we do I'll be ready for the next big adventure???  As unnerving as it can be at times, I know that once again, it'll all be ok.

Obviously, moving isn't as overwhelming as the thought of Cody going away to college, but change is change and I know from experience that it's hard.   Although it can be difficult, it can also be a really great thing!  I'm excited to see the direction that Cody decides he wants to take in his life and how God is going to use him in amazing ways.  He's a great kid (ummmm...young man:) and I am so proud of him!!  Instead of focusing on how sad I'm going to be when he heads off to college (as well as not embarrassing him or myself by being a blubbering mess:), I want to focus on the good things that are in store with yet another significant change in our lives.  I want to enjoy life today and anticipate, not dread, what the next few years hold...I know it'll be so much more enjoyable that way.  These ARE exciting let the party preparations begin!!

.I have a hard time remembering this sometimes...


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