Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What's next??

Well Cody is back in OKC for his second year in college and Zach started his senior year of high school.  A routine is slowly setting  back in at our home.  It's different once again though...and much quieter:)  There are times I really wish Cody had chosen to stay close to home so we could see him more, but every time I talk with him I feel confirmed that he's right where he's supposed to be.  He's having to make decisions and do things on his own without mom or dad being there to step in and rescue him...I guess that's called maturing and it's good for him.  Zach is excited for his senior year and I pray that it's the best one yet!  I've seen so much growth in him over the summer and am so proud of how he's doing!!  We spend a lot of time talking about his future and what he wants to do next year for college.  I just can't believe this is where we're at!

If I'm real transparent, my biggest struggle lately has been an overwhelming sense of uncertainty about what's next.  The realization that 1 year from now we will be empty nesters has hit me hard in the last few days.  20 of our 22 years of marriage have been spent raising our boys...I can't imagine our home without them around.  Being a mom has been the most rewarding thing I've ever done and I wouldn't trade it for anything, even with the frustrating times and tears:).

My prayer for my boys as they're making some big decisions about their futures is that God will be number one in their lives and that He will direct their steps.  I always have to be reminded that I gave them back to The Lord when they were just babies when I dedicated them in front of the church.  They were not mine to begin with...they are God's children...I've just had the privilege to be the one God entrusted them to.  What a huge responsibility we have as parents!  I've definitely not been perfect and have made many mistakes, but I hope the things my kids remember about their childhood are the things that make them better people.

So what's next??  I really don't know.  I've talked with many friends who say the "empty nest" is actually pretty nice.  I'm sure I'll understand that eventually, but right now I'm going to soak up the time I have left with Zach still at home (and the times I get to spend with Cody too:).  I know I'll figure out what is next in my life when the time comes.  I still have a year and I know how fast it will fly...I'm not going to miss it while dreading what's to come.  Here's to a great year!  Thank you God for my kids....I'm so lucky You chose me to be their mom!!

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